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Worker's Compensation

Workers' compensation is an insurance for those who are injured or become ill due to their job or work environment. It provides cash benefits and/or medical care and is paid by the employer after a verification process.

The goals of our workers’ compensation program include:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate pain for the injured employee
  • Return to previous levels of activity and functionality
  • Improve physical and emotional wellness
  • Return to work quickly and effectively

In striving to meet the above listed patient goals, Dr. King and his staff:

  1. Expedite our office notes by getting them to the case manager and/or adjuster ASAP to facilitate the approval process for recommended treatment.
  2. Provide a work status report to case managers, case adjusters, and patients at the time of office evaluation.
  3. Directly communicate with the case manager and adjuster to explain our recommendations and reasoning behind them.
  4. Obtain a detailed history of injury including the date and time of the injury and its initial report, the exact mechanism of injury, and prior treatment of the injury.
  5. Outline a detailed treatment plan with expedited return to work and MMI date.

Dr. King has extensive experience with evaluation and treatment of workers as well as Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Second Opinions, disability ratings (including certified AMA 6th ed. ratings), and depositions.

Work Comp Hotline: