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  • Dr. King got me back on the track. Thank you Dr. King and his staffs.
  • Dr. King scoped my knee and now I am more active than ever. Good Dr. and good guy.
  • I also had labral surgery with Dr. King. It's not a walk in the park but the results have been amazing. Dr. King and his PA have been upfront about expectations and have been very thorough. His office staff were extremely helpful. Overall it was a great experience. I definitely would recommend Dr. King.
  • Dr. King and his PA, Scott, have been amazing throughout my whole process. He discovered right away I had a labaral tear with CAM impingment. Surgery went well and I started PT the next day. I am 12 weeks out now and doing pretty well. They have always been prompt, professional and full of very useful information and truly care about your recovery. And they are not joking when they say that this surgery is 3-4 months of recovery and PT and 6+ months for a full recovery. I still have 6 more weeks of PT and go back to see them in 6 weeks as well. Overall my experience has been wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone!!
  • He did arthroscopic hip surgery almost 1 week ago and I'm doing great! Was more than impressed with the whole process. His staff is amazing and he's one of the best Dr's I have experienced. Very pleased. He will be doing my opposite hip once I heal from this surgery and not at all concerned.
  • Dr. King is professional and caring. He helped me with my knee when everyone else said they didnt know how to help me. 5 Stars.
  • I have a hip issue and Dr King talked to me about all of my options. He listened to me and all of my concerns. He is great! I wouldn't got to anyone else. I recommend him to everyone!
  • I can't say enough about Dr. King. He is so kind and gentle. He help me when no one else could. I trust him enough for my whole family to see him.
  • Dr. King and his staff are fantastic. I hope I never need a hip Labral tear on my other side, but I will certainly return to him if I need it.
  • Extremely friendly and succinctly explained my injury and treatment options
  • Dr. King and his PA are the best. I have been treating with both of them for years and they are AWESOME. They have seen both of my kids and numerous family members and they awesome love him.
  • I suffered from a labral tear in my hip for many years. I was evaluated and wrongly treated by several doctors, however it was not untill I saw Dr. King was I able to know exactly what was wrong with my hip, and how to fix it. Dr. King made the diagnosis, and reccommended surgery which was an amazing success. I follwed his rehab protocol to the letter, and I have gone back to all of my activities without any pain. I am avid runner and I finally run without pain.
  • Got me in on the day I called. Was able to get my MRI on same day. Called me that night with results. Surgery the next week....3 weeks later knee is perfect and Im back playing golf and tennis. Would recommend to everyone
  • I saw Dr. King and his PA for a hip that has been bothering me for over 10 years. They not only knew what was wrong immediately, they put a plan into action to help me with my pain. They offered me a several non operative treatments, and only after those didnt work did he take about surgery. Dr. King replaced my hip and gave me my life back. His entire team was tuned into my needs and made me feel very calm about such a big surgery. I would and have referred several people to Dr. King and they always feel the same way. Only negative that I can think of is that he went to Virginia and I am a Virginia Tech fan.......but I'm willing to let that slide
  • Office is beautiful, and the location is great. Office staff is wonderful and courteous. Dr King was prompt and very thorough. He took his time and explained everything. Got me all sorted out without surgery (which I appreciate).
  • Best orthopedic surgeon in STL. Send all my athletes to him.
  • I lived with hip pain for 2 years after an injury. Nobody could figure out my problem. Dr. King figured out my issue and fixed it. I am back running without pain. He spent tons of time with me. He's great.
  • Dr. King fixed my hip labrum tear and I am pain free. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Healthgrades Reviews

  • A Big Thank You to Dr. David King and his Staff for helping my recover from my injury’s, not miss any time from work and getting back to a normal life.
  • Dr King saw me for my hip. I was diagnosed with a labral tear. He took the time to discuss my options with me. His PA’s are also very knowledgeable. They all took the time and answered all of my questions. Would highly recommend him.
  • Knowledge, compassionate and willing to listen to my issues so I can get back to running again.
  • Thorough, efficient, confident, appropriate, knowledgeable, and well trained physician. It was an all around positive experience as a new patient to the practice.
  • I had a hip replacement just 7 weeks ago and at times forget it was done. Outstanding result - highly recommend Dr. King for orthopedic surgical matters.
  • Dr. King is the best surgeon I have ever encountered. He was so personable and real with me through my first surgery. I am a dancer and was highly nervous about having a hip labrum repair surgery, but I was back to dance remarkably fast and with no pain. In the near future I will need my other hip repaired, and I will absolutely be returning to Dr. King. Such a good experience and wouldn't go to anyone else. Thanks Dr. King!
  • Dr. King and his office staff deserves five stars. He was very kind and helped me get back to running!

Facebook Reviews

  • There are not enough words I can use to describe how happy I am with Dr. King and the entire operation at Motion Orthopedics. I had bicep and rotator cuff surgery back in December. I am a person who has horrible "white coat" syndrome and absolutely begin stressing over any dr. appointment of any kind I must make. From day one everyone there from Dr. KIng and Scott to the entire staff put me at ease. My surgery went great and progress has been exactly what Dr. King told me and 16 weeks later I feel like I have a new arm!! I hope I never need the other arm done, but if I do I'm not worried. I have Dr. King on my side!!
  • Absolutely love Motion Orthopaedics, Dr. King and all his staff. As pleasant and positive as having a hip surgery can be, this place was amazing. From the day of surgery to all the follow-up care. Highly recommend!
  • The staff and doctors are amazing!! They answer their phones, call back in a timely manner and are so helpful and friendly. Dr. King is,the best! He is honest, to the point and is extremely knowledgeable. My daughter has had to have 2 hip surgeries and Dr. King and Scott Klassen were so great in keeping her informed and explained things to her about her injuries and surgery to ease her anxiety.
  • I had a Labrum repair surgery, and Dr. King and his staff are rock stars. From the secretary, each and every nurse and dr that took care of me. I’m so grateful.
  • Cannot thank Dr. King enough for what he did with my labral tear!! Feels brand new and he’s one of the nicest guys in medicine. I wouldn’t let my family go anywhere else!!
  • Fixed my torn quad muscle on my right knee.Has a friendly and professional staff-top notch!
  • I know that GOD found him for me and now my daughter. He is so morally and ethically correct! He is kind compassionate and knowledgeable about the bones. He is a true GEM. His staff is amazing.
  • I have seen Dr. King for several injuries. I am so appreciative of his competent care and warm personality. Thank you for all your help, Doc!!
  • Dr. King has always been very relaxed and easy going when I've seen him in his office. I would easily consider him one of the best hip arthroscopy surgeons in the country.
  • Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Made things very easy for me as a patient!!
  • He was a warm & caring Dr.. he took good care of me !! Thank you Dr. king

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