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Hip Labral Tears

Hip Labral Tears, Saint Louis, Missouri

Labral tears in the hip are a common source of hip pain. These tears are most frequently seen in the setting of hip impingement, but can occur from a single traumatic event. Tears often cause groin, hip or buttock pain. They can also result in catching, clicking or locking when the hip is moving. The best method to diagnose labral tears is a MRI with contrast injected into the hip, also known as a MRI arthrogram. Symptomatic labral tears can be treated with hip arthroscopy and labral repair.

Video of Patient Hip with Labral Tear:

To see hip labral tear animation

To see animation, click the link above. Enter the animation window. Click hip, then condition and the hip labral tear tab.

David J. King, M.D, Saint Louis, Missouri
David J. King, M.D, Saint Louis, Missouri
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